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Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

End of the summer home maintenance should always include checking on your roof. The following roof maintenance tips will protect your home from damage and prevent you from having to make costly repairs later.

Read on to know about 9 easy end of summer roof maintenance tips to get your home fall-ready.

  1. Inspection
    Inspect your roof carefully to make sure there are no weak spots. It’s also important to look for areas where the shingles may be lifting or splitting apart.

  2. Remove Any Debris
    Remove any debris that has collected over the summer. The sharp edges of twigs and branches can damage shingles and eventually poke holes that could cause water leaks.

  3. Clean Your Gutters
    Clean your gutters regularly to prevent water from soaking under your shingles. Standing water can also cause mold and attract bugs.

  4. Trim Nearby Trees
    Keep nearby trees trimmed to prevent falling branches. If you see branches that are damaged and could possibly break during the winter, remove them so they won’t land on your roof.

  5. Replace Missing Shingles
    High winds can sometimes cause shingles to loosen and break away. Replace missing shingles and make sure all of the others are firmly tacked down.

  6. Never Power Wash
    Power washing can lift shingles up allowing a good wind to rip them off. If you want to wash your roof, use the gentle spray of a garden hose.

  7. Treat for Algae and Mold
    If you live in areas where algae and mold are a problem, treat for them as part of your fall maintenance program. This will prevent the algae and mold from spreading and discoloring your roof.

  8. Seal Seams
    Use roofing tar to seal the seams of your roof. Even though this may seem like a small thing to do, the creases or corners of a roof are often where leaks start.

  9. Check With a Roofing and Repair Expert
    If you have any questions about what you should do to maintain your roof, call ONE TOUCH ROOFING. We can inspect your roof thoroughly and find things you may have overlooked. We can also offer many other roof maintenance tips to help you keep your roof leak-free and looking nice.